We’re on a mission to help
small businesses save big money

Our Story

While working together in the foreign exchange industry, Tigerflo cofounders Pourash and Tom noticed there is often a disparity in the exchange rates that small and medium-size businesses receive versus large corporations. Traditional payment providers collect billions of dollars per year in hidden exchange rate fees. These hidden fees can cost an individual business in excess of tens-of-thousands of dollars annually and tend to disproportionately impact smaller businesses. Pourash and Tom realized this was a systemic problem that affected businesses in every industry and set out to create a technology-led solution to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

Tigerflo is built upon the belief that financial services should be transparent and easy to understand for everyone. We believe that small and medium-size businesses play a vital role in the global economy. Our business model is focused on empowering these companies to operate as efficiently as possible by providing low-cost and transparent exchange rates to facilitate their cross-border payments.